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Monetization & Pricing
by Tom Sadowski

Casual Meeting

About this Workshop

Who is the workshop suitable for?

This workshop is aimed at companies that are looking for a suitable monetization and pricing model for their app or would like to review their existing one. Product owners, UI/UX designers, marketing managers and, if desired, the management should take part. 


What are the objectives?

The aim of the workshop is to find the right pricing model and the right price in a structured way and to define concrete next steps. 


The workshop is divided into two parts:


1. Status Quo Pricing

A recap of previous pricing. This part must be prepared by the team.


2. Monetization Framework

Based on my monetization framework, we jointly develop a monetization and pricing strategy or review the existing one. This part is interactive and we work either on site with a flip chart or digitally with Freeform. 


What content is taught?

  • Overview of possible business models

  • Validation of product-subscription fit

  • Design of the premium offer

  • Sale of the premium offer

  • Validation of packages, durations and service levels

  • Approaches to price determination

  • Summary and next steps

At a Glance

For: Apps with a paid offering, regardless of the current design


Duration: half or full day


Format: On site (recommended)


Language: English or German 


Price: from €3.000 depending on scope and team size

Learn more?

Then contact me with the subject "Workshops" and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Meet your Coach


Tom Sadowski led the app business in German-speaking countries until 2020 and helped some of today's most successful apps to establish themselves worldwide.


Tom prepares this workshop in close consultation with you, moderates it and then summarizes the most important findings and top priorities for the team.

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Not sure about your monetization model and want to validate it in a structured way?
Then this workshop is just right for you.

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