Apps are downloaded by people, not computers.

I’ll increase your customer satisfaction and set up your app business to be competitive from the very start.


How does the app business work?

What are the success factors?

How do I get featured on the App Store?

What are the dos and don'ts?

I'll help you better understand the app business and help you make the right decisions for your business based on the knowledge you gain.


What are success factors for monetization?

What are the monetization models?

How can I transform my business into a subscription model?

What are best practices in planning, implementing and designing my subscription business?

I'll review your plans and help you to be competitive from the start.

Market and competition

Which competitors exist locally and internationally and which are potentially dangerous for me?

Where are the opportunities for my app?

What is the revenue potential for my app?

I create comprehensive market and competitor analyses for you. I validate your business plan and show you how to best position yourself in the market.

Market entry strategies

Which markets are most lucrative for me?

Which goals are realistic and how can I achieve them most efficiently?

I’ll work out market entry strategies with you, share empirical values and help you to get the best possible out of the marketing budget.

Case study 1

Medium-sized company in the medical sector


My client has been running a medical company for 20 years in a market-leading position and is now launching its first app. I accompany the project by deciding on a theme every month, optimizing the app step by step and finally launching it competitively on the App Store.
Consulting focus

  • Whole day kick-off workshop
  • Consultation on market positioning and optimization of the business model
  • Creation of a business plan with multiple scenarios based on known conversion metrics
  • Screening of existing wireframes and optimization of UI design and onboarding
  • Optimization of app store presence and creation of all metadata

Case study 2



My client is a renowned startup in the healthcare industry. Several apps have already been launched. Now the company is planning to expand into the US market. I advise the client on product and marketing optimization for the upcoming launch in the US.
Consulting focus

  • Whole day kick-off workshop
  • Validation and optimization of a go-to-market strategy
  • Competitive analysis of US market
  • Marketing workshop
  • Product workshop
  • App Store Optimization and Q&A