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Subscription Best Practices
by Tom Sadowski

About this Workshop

Who is the workshop suitable for?

This workshop is aimed at companies that pursue a subscription-based business model. Participants should include product owners, UX designers, marketing managers and, if desired, management.


What are the goals?

The aim of the workshop is to analyze the entire subscriber funnel of your app and to benchmark your KPIs with the most successful apps in the App Store in order to jointly identify optimization potential.


The workshop is divided into two parts:


1. Preparation

Before the workshop, I will send you a questionnaire to collect your KPIs and current biggest challenges. I will benchmark the information against some of the most successful subscription-based apps in the App Store.


2. Implementation

In the workshop, we will look at the results together and discuss starting points along the customer journey acquisition, engagement and retention in order to identify concrete potential for improvement.


What content is taught?

  • Analysis and benchmarking of the customer journey and KPI

  • Best practices in user acquisition, engagement and retention

  • Analysis of the onboarding and conversion funnel

  • Subscription features overview

  • Summary of results and identification of top priorities

At a Glance

For: Subscription-based business models


Duration: half or full day


Format: On-site (recommended)


Language: English or German


Price: from €5.000 depending on scope and team size

Learn more?

Then contact me with the subject "Workshops" and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet your coach


Tom Sadowski managed the app business in German-speaking countries until 2020 and has since conducted numerous subscription workshops with some of the most successful apps.


Tom prepares this workshop in close coordination with you, moderates it and then summarizes the most important findings and top priorities for the team.

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Take your subscription business to a new level.
I'm looking forward to an exciting workshop.

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