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From app success to more growth.

Your app is successful, the most important metrics are right and you are seeing predictable growth. Congratulations on what you have already achieved!


You are probably now looking for further growth captial, capable employees or perhaps want to expand into new markets or new business areas. Whatever it is, new challenges arise with every milestone you reach. Many of them are so concrete and specific that your investors may not be able to help or may have completely different ideas than you. What you are looking for is someone who really knows the app business and who will stand by your side with confidence and independance.

The aim of the mentoring program is to accompany you on your journey to more growth and to provide you with personal advice and support. 

Mentoring Program

Confident business woman

For successful young entrepreneurs.

You are looking for an experienced and independant mentor at your side who you can ask for advice at any time and who will support you in your growth plans?

Then arrange a free introductory meeting now to find out whether we are a good match and whether I can help you. 

Sounds interesting?

Then arrange an introductory meeting now to find out whether we are a good fit and whether I can support you as part of my mentoring program.

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