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From App to App Success.

Unfortunately true: from the almost two million apps on the App Store only a fraction are really successful, which in turn generate the majority of app sales. I would like to help you make your app a success too. 

Now you probably ask yourself: how is that supposed to work? Well, the reality is that you and your team are usually focused on achieving your sprint goals and working through tickets, and that's a good thing. Two things are usually neglected here: 

1. Keeping an eye on the "indirect" areas of your app, which in principle have nothing to do with the product, but are absolutely critical to success, such as the app store presence, the download to premium experience, pricing and your sales page.

2. You and your team either don't have the time, the experience or the feel for marketing. Maybe you are an excellent coder but not a good marketeer. Maybe you've been doing this for a while and (with all due respect) have missed the development of the last few years. Maybe your dev team is great in working through tickets but doesn't have the entrepreneurial gene or the nesessary distance to recognize potential. 

This is exactly whery my accelerator program comes into play. I have years of experience in marketing and optimizing apps with the overarching goal of maximizing revenue. And I can also give your app a "growth cure". 

The aim of the three month accelerator program is to identify the greatest potential and growth drivers for your app business.

App  Accelerator Program

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For founders with an already launched app. 

You have an app but don't see organic growth?

You don't have the budget to pay expensive marketing agencies?

Without traction, you can't find investors to finance further growth?

Then arrange a free consultation now and I'll explain how you can make your app a success in 5 steps. 

What to expect

Value Proposition Design

In the first step we review the foundation for success: your value proposition, your USP compared to the competition and whether and how your product is in line with this. 

App Store Optimization

In the second step we optimize your app store presence to maximize discoverability. Only if your presence is convincing in comparison to alternatives, users will tap it and you will rise in the rankings.

Pricing & Salespage

In the fifth and final step, we validate your pricing, optimize your sales page and try to identify upselling potential. 

Made it!

Conversion Optimization

In the third step we analyze and optimize all conversion metrics that are critical to success, from registration to premium discovery to upselling.

Offer Structure

In the fourth step we analyze your offer for premium content, features and services and find the optimal offer structure.

In just three months, you have given your app a growth cure that is guaranteed to benefit your business in the long term.

Sounds interesting?

Then arrange a free consultation now, in which I will explain the program to you in detail and we will find out whether the accelerator program is suitable for you. 

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