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App Business Essentials 
by Tom Sadowski


About this Masterclass

Who is this masterclass suitable for?

This masterclass is a must-have for anyone who is planning to enter the app business or has recently entered it. It is aimed primarily at app founders, but also at product owners and marketing managers who want to broaden their horizons.


What are the goals?

The aim of this masterclass is to give you the most important information for a successful start in the app business in order to save time, money and nerves.


What content is taught?

  • How does the App Store work?

  • What business models are there?

  • Everything you need to know about programming languages and operating systems.

  • How do I maximize organic downloads?

  • How do I market my app?

  • How do I get featured?

  • Questions and answers

At a Glance

For: App founders, product owners, marketing managers


Duration: 2 hours


Format: Live online


Language: German


Price: €199,-


Then contact me with the subject “Masterclasses” and I will send you the next available dates.

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Meet your Coach

Tom Sadowski led the app business in German-speaking countries until 2020 and has accompanied some of today's most successful apps from the very beginning. He shares his knowledge and experience with you in this masterclass and reveals valuable tips and tricks for a successful start in the app business.

Questions and Answers

  • How exactly does participation work?
    As soon as you have selected a session and paid the fees, you will receive a confirmation by email with a dial-in link for participation. You will find all further information in the confirmation.
  • What happens, if I am unable to attend the masterclass?
    If you are unable to attend the masterclass, we will try to book you for another date. Alternatively, you will receive a recording of the live session, which you can watch for 48 hours.
  • Can I also book the masterclass for my whole team?
    Theoretically yes. However, we recommend that you book a private class in this case. Then you will be among yourselves and can ask more specific questions that are only relevant to your team.
  • How can I pay?
    You can currently pay by bank transfer and Paypal. We are working on making credit card payment possible.
  • Do I get an invoice?
    Yes, if you provide us with your billing details, we will send you an invoice by email. Talk to your employer to see if they will reimburse you for the costs of the Masterclass.
  • Is the Masterclass also available in other languages?
    This masterclass is currently only offered in German. If you are more than one person, you can book a private class in English.
  • Is the price per person?
    Yes, the price is per person and does not include VAT.
  • Do I have to switch on my video camera in the masterclass?
    You don't have to, but we would like you to. Because experience has shown that if we can see each other, it improves communication between the participants and is therefore better for you too.
  • How can I ask further questions?
    Do you have further questions? Then use the contact form with the subject “Masterclasses”. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Why a Coaching Program?
    I have always enjoyed working with young founders and have been able to accompany some of them from their first steps to becoming unicorns. Since I often get requests for help, I offer my assistance in the form of my programs.
  • What is the price?
    The aim of my coaching programs is to deliver maximum value for an affordable price. You can find out more during your consultation.
  • Can I also pay with shares?
    No. Perhaps a partnership will develop, but initially I won't be investing in your project. Firstly, this program is not designed for that and secondly, I don't think it's fair.
  • Do you also help with fundraising?
    It is rather unlikely that you will find investors with an app idea or a non-scalable app. That's why the goal of my programs is to help you realize your app idea, set up a viable business model and make your app a success. If you succeed, you will also find investors and only then can I help you with that or maybe invest myself.
  • How can I ask further questions?
    If you have any further questions about my programs, please arrange a consultation or use the contact form.
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