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Success Factors in the App Business
by Tom Sadowski

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About this Private Class

Who is the class suitable for?

This private class is recommended for all apps, regardless of the business model.


What are the goals?

The aim of the class is to teach participants the most important success factors for being successful in the app business. Concrete examples are shown for each of the success factors presented. A course that inspires and makes you want more.

The course concludes with a question and answer session.

At a Glance

For: App teams


Duration: 2 hours


Format: On site or online


Language: German or English


Price: from €2.000 depending on team size

Learn more?

Then contact me with the subject "Private class" and I wll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Meet your coach


Tom Sadowski led the app business in German-speaking countries until 2020 and helped some of today's most successful apps establish themselves worldwide.


In this private class, he shares his knowledge and experience with your entire team and shares inspiring examples of successful apps. In the course, we get to the bottom of the crucial question of what distinguishes successful apps from the others.

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Do you want to learn from successful apps and inspire your team?
Then this course is just right for you.

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