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About my Coaching Programs

You have an app idea but no idea how to implement it? 🤔

Your app is already being developed, now you're wondering how to make it a success? 🤔

Your app is successful and you're looking for a mentor to help and advise you? 🤔


The potential of the app business is huge, as I'm sure you already know. But the competition is just as fierce and it is now really difficult for new apps to establish themselves on the market. What's more, as a founder, new obstacles are constantly being thrown in your way. As you may be doing all of this for the first time, you have to research the quickest way to remove each obstacle, before you can start the actual work. 

The app business is extremly complex and even I don't have a solution for every problem at the push of a button. But I have seen most of them and I can protect you from costly mistakes and help you to set the right priorities.

Your challenges will depend on where you are in the lifecycle of an app entrepreneur. The questions formulated above are examples of this. In short: different phase, different challenges, different priorities.

To meet your challenges in the best possible way, I have developed three programs with which I offer my support.

Where do you fit in?

Tap on one of the programs to find out more:

Coaching Programs

For young founders and app startups.

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